Gerard Way and Lyn-Z: It’s A Girl!


Gerard and Lyn-Z Way welcomed a baby girl into the world on Wednesday afternoon at 2:57. [cut=And the little cherub shall be called…]


Mindless Self Indulgence – “Mark David Chapman” Music Video

Ditty directed by Mike Dahlquist features flashing lights and shiz. Whaddya think, Buzznet?

More MSI Babies!

Yesterday came the announcement that Gerard Way and Lindsey Ballato are expecting their first baby, and today (via Mindless Self Indulgence‘s facebook) we learn that another

MSI – ‘Never Wanted to Dance’

WTF of the Day: Lyn-Z from MSI Acting Weird (Updated: Food Poisoning)

Mindless Self Indulgence is playing the last night of their UK show tonight (the ABC in Glasgow), and I get a message from a buddy…

My little bird Shiona

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