These caterpillars are so pretty I call them MOP’S since they are so fluffy looking. They live in colonies on the leaves of the Milkweed plants. They are the only other moth and butterfly that eat the leaves of milkweed the other one is the Monarch butterfly. The adult moth is quite small and not… More »


So I brought in some more Black Eyed Susans and found some more Loopers or Spanworms on them. This is a very hard species to track down to find out exactly what type of moth it will become since there are thousands to look though. I actually have 3 on this flower but one was… More »


The other day I went out to take some photos of my new white Buddliea Bush or what is commonly called a Butterfly Bush. I was pleasantly surprised to see this Clearwing Hummingbird Moth having a feast on my flowers. I had my smaller camera and it’s not great with closeup shots but this was… More »

Releasing the female Cecropia Moth video # 2

This is the second part of trying to get her to fly but because the weather was a bit chilly and rainy she didn’t want to fly. I finally put her in a tree branch and went to release the other female and male. When I looked back at the branch a minute later she… More »

Releasing my Cecropia Moth……

This is one of the females that I released yesterday. It was a cloudy and rainy day so she wasn’t really ready to fly. They like it a bit warmer to get the energy to fly. I was out in the field by myself so I had to hold the camera and try and get… More »

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