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Ten things to help you through a Monday! #9

It’s a beautiful day outside today but I’ve got butt loads to do before I go to work this evening so I’m stuck indoors, boo 🙁 this week there’s everything from delicious nom’s to indoor gardens! What helps you get through a Monday? Catch last weeks here!

Mood Board: The Happiest Person in the World at the Happiest Place on Earth

Not to get all #teengirlblog2011 Internet cliche on you guys, but OMGGGGG, y’all, my boyfriend is flying in from Boston tomorrow! We haven’t seen eachother in over two months, so even though he’s only here…

Mood Board: Nostalgia, Unconventionality, Fantasy

I’ve been sitting on the idea of creating blog “mood boards,” and I’m finally going to start doing them! Obviously the IRL type of mood boards are more fun to make, but compiling my…

Mood Board: “Fake”

I made this mood board on Friday, and I’m quite happy with it. I cut up a bunch of my old Teen Vogues and the November 2010 Urban Outfitters catalogue and came up with this floral…

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