monsters calling home

Finals Week Survival Playlists

Besides eating a lot of chocolate and downing caffeine, the only other thing that gets me through studying for finals is listening to music. Many of you are nearing the end…

Monsters Calling Home Change Name To Run River North!

I’ve kept a close eye on the indie-folk band Monsters Calling Home throughout 2012 and I’m sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting for them to become…

Intern Buzz: 10 Bands You Need To Know

Hello fellow music addicts! I’m on a constant mission to share music with anyone who is willing to listen. Being Buzznet‘s music intern gives me hope that my taste in music is trustworthy! So with that said, here are some bands I think everyone should have on their radar. I always have my ears open… More »

Monsters Calling Home

Live Music VideoArtist: Monsters Calling HomeSong: “Monsters Calling Home” Chills. Whether it’s a live performance or a song from MCH’s EP, I feel chills. The music and lyrics of “Monsters Calling Home” are both haunting and inspiring as it openly speaks about the struggle people feel as they are “digging for worth in a land… More »

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