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Question of the Day: What Do You Waste Your Money On?

I am sure that there are probably more interesting things to ask but I can’t really be bothered to look right meow. Akshually, I just went to look at the trending topics on Twitter and…

Billboard Reveals “Music’s Top 40 Money Makers”

Billboard has released their list of “Music’s Top 40 Money Makers” and you will never believe who made more than this year’s Grammy golden girl Adele and mother monster herself, <a…

My Daddy Is Always Really Lucky

My dad is just come back home and he said me to have found 15 euros (a little bit more 20$) while he’s coming back home: WOOOOW! He always is so lucky to find money or coins walking around the streets XP And everytime he finds something he gives it to me *_* Today finally… More »

I want my money!

omg this is funny!

Friday Buzz 6/15

Kids + Money: Teens in Los Angeles. Watch it. (NY Times)

Kate Bosworth, getting better. (Seriouslyomg)

Oh, so men need their own chewing gum, eh? (Cool Hunting)

Nicole Richie…

An Open Letter to Ticketmaster:

Dear Ticketmaster,
I’m planning on going to see Her Space Holiday next week, at the Troubadour. I’m really excited about this for two reasons 1. Marc Bianchi is an inspiration 2. I haven’t been to a…

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