Festival Friday: The Lollapalooza Mixtape

In just 14 days, one of my favourite music festivals will begin, and it’s to-die-for lineup just makes me want to die knowing I’m not going to be able go to Chicago!  I’m too pumped…

Breathe Carolina Release New Mixtape

Breathe Carolina released a new 3-song mixtape over the weekend for all to enjoy. The Bangers mixtape includes three brand new songs and it’s all available…

My Personal Miami Mix Tape


I have been slacking on my mix

President Obama Puts No Doubt And Arcade Fire On His Playlist

The President–he’s just like us! He makes playlists! (on spotify, even). Barack Obama has revealed his 2012 re-election campaign playlist and much to my personal delight, No Doubt‘s Tragic Kingdom track “Different People” is…

Black Cards Reveal Mixtape Tracklist

Earlier this month, Pete Wentz pet project Black Cards dropped the bomb that they’d be continuing on as a DJ duo, sans their sultry singer Bebe Rexha.

So what…

EXCLUSIVE: DWNTWN ‘Midnight Ride’ Mixtape

LA natives, Robert Cepeda & Jamie Leffler, have come together to form the electro-pop duo DWNTWN.  This “dream team” is releasing their debut mixtape “Midnight Ride” mixed by DJ Skeet Skeet on Wednesday, September 28, but…

Download our Mixtape NOW & Enter to Win Tickets!

You guys should enter 🙂

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Hey Guys!

Our Mixtape is out today and available for download for FREE!  GO HERE…

February 2011 Mixtape

November 2010 Playlist

What songs were on yours?

July 2010 mixtape

Love this mixtape. Especially the BYOP song.

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It’s my birthday month, so in honor of my big day, I’ve compiled a mixtape…


My first, my last, my everythings?

-I started Buzznet today! I guess I don’t have to explain it to you, cause you’re HERE already, eh? Anyway, it’s going to be rad, and I hope I can bring a lot of my…

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