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Buzz Bites: Halsey Quit Twitter And Kylie Jenner Looks Creepy On New Mag Cover

Hey Tuesday…how’s it hangin’? We’ve gotten over the Monday blues, so let’s see what’s happening on the world wide web! According to Harry Styles‘ sister Gemma, a fan/friend/distant relative/whatever tried to get a selfie with Harry at their grandmother’s funeral. Um wow. Talk about inappropriate! Kylie Jenner is on the new cover of Paper magazine… More »

Style Profile: Miranda Cosgrove

I’m pretty sure if there were actually photo accompaniments for every word in the dictionary, Miranda Cosgrove‘s smiling mug would be right next to the entry for “cute”. (Yes, I am aware that there is such a thing as an encyclopedia I am just trying to make a point LET ME LIVE). Ever since she… More »

Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards Nominees Announced

It’s that time of year again…the nominees for the slimiest and only award show just for kids are in! This year’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards will bring together some of today’s biggest…

Best Coast’s ‘Our Deal’ Video ft. Chloe Moretz, Miranda Cosgrove & Tyler Posey

The video we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Drew Barrymore directed Best Coast‘s new music video for “Our Deal,” which…

Drew Barrymore to Direct New Best Coast Music Video Starring Miranda Cosgrove

Betheny Cosentino of Best Coast recently revealed to Rolling Stone magazine during an interview that actress Drew Barrymore would be directing her next music video. The pairing purportedly happened…

Miranda Cosgrove and the Cast of iParty With Victorious Giveaway!

Buzznet joined iParty With Victorious at a special screening this weekend and we can’t wait for everyone to see the TV event this coming Saturday. We got the some of the cast of iParty With Victorious to fill out our “IF” interviews and five commenters will be chosen to WIN one of the original SIGNED… More »

Buzznet Joins the ‘iParty With Victorious’

Past and present Nickelodeon stars were on-hand to enjoy the festivities of the premiere event for a special screening of the iParty With Victorious TV special this past Saturday, June…

Dancing, Dancing Crazy with Miranda Cosgrove and Greyson Chance in L.A.

What better way to spend a Friday night then at a Miranda Cosgrove and Greyson Chance concert? Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything either…and apparently the entire population of LA under 13 felt…

It Was Like A Hello Kitty Explosion at Royal T

This party was crazy….so many people and Hello Kitty EVERYWHERE!!! Check back tomorrow, I’m going to be giving away one of the gift bags from the party fillled with lots of Hello Kitty goodies! Hello Kitty or Chococat??

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