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Mindy White Shares the best Natural Beauty Alternatives!


Let’s face it (pun intended), sometimes our skin and bodies just don’t want to cooperate. Anytime I’m traveling, on tour, or simply stressed out… my skin goes on the…

Photoshoot In Nashville!

I recently did a photoshoot with the lovely Eden Luquire. The shoot was outside of a really old movie theater in downtown Nashville… so one outfit was really fun and 50’s inspired. The other outfits were a mix of some of my favorite brands… Motel Rocks, Drop Dead Clothing, and Mandalynn Swimwear!! Check out Eden’s… More »

The Newest Internet Craze?!

And we’re all kind of asking… why? 

Warning: This is either going to piss you off or excite you.  

There’s a…

Welcome Mindy White To The Buzznet Family

Hi Buzznet!

I am so happy to have been chosen to become a Buzzmaker! I’ve been a Buzznet reader for a while, so this really exciting!

So, some of you know me…

Why We Love Mindy White of States

Mindy White is a talented and beautiful singer who seems like she could be your best friend. She loves candy, she loves music and has a great sense of humor. Not to mention her band States makes incredible music. Take a look at a few of the reasons why we just love Mindy White. Why… More »

Fun Facts About Musicians We Love!

We all have a favorite star and love finding out some fun facts about what they love and how they got to where they are today! Take a look at this fun gallery featuring some of the musicians we love; aka,Alex Gaskarth,Hayley Williams,Bert McCracken,Harry Stylesand many more! Comment on your favorite and add any fun… More »

Artist Of The Month: States

Hello and welcome to Artist Of The Month!

This month I bring you the band States, who have a very busy summer up ahead! They are embarking on…

Reasons Why We Love States

States is the indie/pop-rock band fronted by the adorable Mindy White. Their debut album, Room To Run, impressed the pants off us so we asked them to play our showcase at this year’s SXSW festival. Lucky for us they were free and will be part of our stellar line-up this Friday March 17th at the… More »

Album Equation: States ‘Room To Run’

The best thing to happen to my ears lately is States‘ new album Room To Run and it’s OUT TODAY! Want an idea of what it’s like? Let’s do a little math…


<p style="text-align:…

States Announce Debut Album Release Details

Indie pop band States have announced they will release their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Room To Run’ October 18th! They will also be hitting the road with Circa Survive and <a…

Forever The Sickest Kids at Angels and Kings

Photo Skills by: Kyle Burns 3/26/2011 Angels And Kings Hollywood, California

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