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A good news

Finally a good news for me in those dark days, I opened my email of the university and finally the teacher corrected the test of the pre session of analysis of movie exam, and I took 26/30, I don’t know how is the system of valutation in the rest of the world, here in Italy,… More »

I Want To Stay With You… Forever

Music is my life, even though I’m just studying how works in this area, with theory and other stuff, I’ve always created texts of songs or simple poetries. My source of inspiration, obviously, is my…

I am who I am

A lot of times I feel me so bad with myself, I don’t like my body, and other things, if I could I would change almost everything of me,…


Hello world! I just opened my pc and linked on Buzznet and I found a message from Bree… I became a Buzzmaker!!! I’m sooooooo happy and proud to be one of them!! It’s always been one of my dreams since I created a Buzznet profile. I must say Buzznet giving me a lot of satisfactions… More »

Throw a punch!


I love my new tights

“Very London Style!”…

… as said me this morning the sales woman at the perfume store, she’s been so cute! This is my hair in natural form, without hair-tongs xoxo

When you are next to me it’s just like heaven on earth

While I’m preparing for exit I’m listening BLACKOUT, Britney’s 5th album… and i’ve always loved “Heaven On Earth” track, dedicated to my boy! What’s the song have you dedicated to the person you love?

Shopping’s Day

Today has been really really full! I went to a fantastic mall with my parents, and like always I bought a lot of things hahaha i can’t resist to the charm of the…

Passion Lace

It’s romantic, it’s super sexy and it screams glamour – no wonder black lace is this season’s go-to for high-octane partywear. Go gothic in sultry black like Emma Watson on the red carpet or the…

Baby Angel Hat

This type of hat is my new addiction, simply i love it!!! xx

What’s in my make-up bag

So, I’m just come back home after an afternoon of pre sales shopping, I needed to new make up, I finished everything, then I found a couple of other cute things: a new bag and…

A new beginning

This 2011 is started with a fantastic event: my 1st Buzzy Award! It’s been a great beginning for this 2011, really i didn’t expect it! I hope it can continues in this way! Thanks so much Buzznet, one more time and all the collaborations, I love you so much xoxo

A new day has come

Crazy Friends

I spent a couple of days with my best friend Antonella and as always we enjoyed a lot, we laughed, we embraced and kissed, we shared a lot of things, and we opened our Xmas…

Forever Together

Love you so much my honey

I’ll miss you!!!

Almost all ready for tomorrow I come back soon, promise 😉 xo


Pucca & Hello Kitty are two characters I love so much for years New pics of me soon xo

Enjoying on Saturday

Yesterday it’s been a fantastic Saturday!

My parents & I with my sponsors at confirmation went in Austria, in ATRIO mall, (2 hours from my city) for shopping and for see Xmas markets inside the mall,…

Party time reloaded

Today it’s been another fantastic day, second day of celebration for my 20th b-day.

At 2pm I said goodbye to my friend Alice, she come back home, and then at 4pm my sponsors at confirmation and…