Miles Chamley-Watson Walks For Etxeberria At NYFW!

As you all probably know, New York Fashion Week is in full swing. I had the pelasure of walkiing for Etxeberria yesterday and loved the look they had me rock. Check out more looks from Etxeberria HERE!

Killer Youth: Miles Chamley-Watson Shares His Story!

I recently got the opportunity to sit down with Killer Youth to share my story of how I got to where I am today. This site is amazing, it showcases influential people who…

Miles Chamley-Watson Shares His Fitness Tips!

Fitness and health are two very important factors that go into living a happy lifestyle. I have to be on top of my fitness game daily to keep up with my competition in the fencing world but I also choose to lead a healthy life for many other reasons! Here are my top 4 fitness… More »

These Athletes Show Off Their American Pride!

As I mentioned before I am team U.S.A across the board. Not only do I represent the U.S.A as an olympic fencer BUT I of course love this country outside of my sport. I am not alone, these fellow athletes in this gallery were captured showing off their American pride! Take a look through the… More »

Miles Chamley-Watson Gets Young And Reckless For Buzznet!

Hey Buzznet! As you may have seen in my previous post, I got the opportunity to shoot with a sick brand in LA called Young And Reckless! I released the behind the scenes pics and now I want you all to see the official photos before anyone else! Take a look at the photos and… More »

Go Behind The Scenes With Young And Reckless!

It was such a pleasure to shoot with with Emilio and Rob who work for the popular clothing brand Young And Reckless! I had fun shooting, and losing to Rob in Horse and Ping Pong haha. I have always been a fan of Y&R ever since it first started. I know a lot of people… More »

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