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Rachel Weisz & Mila Kunis Get Into Fiery Argument Over James Franco!

We at Buzznet are counting down the days until the upcoming Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful makes its way to theaters! Luckily there have been new clips from the film…

Birthday Hottie: Ashton Kutcher

Today is a glorious day in history. Why? It is the day that Christopher Ashton Kutcher was born. Today, the adorable slice of man pie actor/producer/comdeian turns 35. I have been an admirer of Ashton since I was in 5th grade when I discovered him. He is much more than just a pretty face. Not… More »

Celebrities As Disney Princesses

Taylor Swift was unveiled as Disney’s latest princess today, but don’t expect to see her on the big screen in an upcoming release! The 23-year-old crooner was the latest celeb to be photographed by Annie Leibovitz in princess clothing, posing as Rapunzel from the movie Tangled, for the ongoing Disney Dream Portraits series. With Taylor… More »

See The Creepy Wicked Witch In New Poster For ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’!

Since we heard about it, we’re so excited for the movie Oz The Great and Powerful! Disney is taking the classic L. Frank Baum novel The Wizard of Oz and giving it a…

See The Creepy Wicked Witch In New Poster For ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’!

Since we first heard about it, we’re so excited for the movie Oz The Great and Powerful! Disney is taking the classic L. Frank Baum novel The Wizard of Oz and giving it…

Unicorns, Stars, and Rainbow Kittens: The Evolution of Lisa Frank

Oh to be 10-years-old again. The time where your only care in the world was whether or not Justin Timberlake would actually consider dating someone your age (thankfully not,) and when nothing brought you greater joy/street cred than showing off your new ballin’ Lisa Frank folder. Now, i never thought of Lisa Frank as anything… More »

Flashback Friday: 5 Memorable Halloween TV Episodes

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone’s getting in the spirit of the holiday: from picking out costumes to decorating pumpkins to prepping for the evening’s parties. The entertainment world also gets…

Sassy Celebrity Summer Hair

Summer is in full swing and one thing that makes the season feel complete is head of fabulous hair to tossl around and experiment with fun summer styles. Whether it’s a ponytail, braids or just letting it hang, there’s no denying that celebrites seem to do it best! Check out how these sassy summer starlets… More »

Who Is Mila Kunis Calling A Bully?

Living in the spotlight definitely has it perks, especially for someone as big as Ted star, Mila Kunis. The Hollywood starlet is privy to exclusive parties, amazing…

Mila Kunis: The Every Day Superhero

With superheroes all the rage at the movie theaters this summer as well as on the small screen like on season 2 of MTV’s Teen Wolf, premiering June 3, folks…

Ted: Movie Trailer

A few seconds into this trailer, I thought it would be a typical love story movie, but boy is it far from that. Well it is a love story but there is an addition – a teddy bear who talks, breathes, and basically does whatever a human does. It’s like our childhood dreams come true…. More »

Spring According To….

So, this little gallery was born from my mind a few of hours ago, while I started to drawing a new portrait, this time about Sharon den Adel, Within Temptation’s singer (also included in this gallery). Since it’s Spring right now, I thought to put all my fav female inspirations together in a gallery with… More »

14 On-Screen Couples I Wish Were Really Dating

Let’s face it, a movie or TV show starring a couple that exude palpable chemistry on screen make you wish they were really dating. In preparation for Valentine’s Day, here is a gallery for 14 couples I wish were dating in real life; because they just had so much sexual chemistry it made me jealous… More »

Mila Kunis is the New Face of Dior

Mila Kunis has joined the ranks of several other high-profile Hollywood starlets including Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth as the newest face of luxury brand Dior. The 28 year old…

My Top 16 Most Beautiful Women (2011)

My Top 16 Most Beautiful Women… in no particular order.
1. Audrey Kitching

Name: Audrey Kitching (Scene name: Twigg Violence)

Occupation: Model/ spokesperson/ blogger (for Buzznet)

Why I like her: Her pink hair, animal rights activist, great personalith


Funny Ladies: The Badass Women of Judd Apatow

With the major success ofBridesmaids this summer, it seemed like the whole world was thinking for the first time that maybe females could be funny afterall. If you managed to ignore Lucille Ball, Jane Curtin and Tina Fey before them, then the ladies in Judd Apatow’s movies have convinced us all that females could bring… More »

My Top 10 Of Sexiest & Beautiful Women Alive

I thought a lot about to create this gallery (there will be also for men too), I decided to make it for to reward the beauty, the sensuality, the glamour to my ten favorite women on earth. It’s been hard to put a chart, because for all of these ten women are gorgeous, stunning and… More »

Mila Kunis

I am currently obsessed with Mila Kunis (you know, Jackie from “That 70’s Show”?). She’s gorgeous, funny, and seems very down to Earth. Not to mention, look at her hair!


Mila Kunis Slams Reporter and Defends Justin Timberlake in Russian

While promoting “Friends with Benefits” last week in Moscow, Mila Kunis flexed her Russian language muscles at a press conference with co-star Justin Timberlake. <br…

Celebrity Trend Spotting: The Little White Dress

Hollywood has gone crazy for the Little Black Dress’s sultry sister, the Little White Dress.

From red carpet events to a night out on the town, LWDs are springing up everywhere this…