Best Friend Day: Favorite Celeb BFFs

Today, June 8th, is National Best Friend Day! To celebrate I have decided to put together a gallery of some of our favorite celeb best friends here at Buzznet. I love when celebs are friends in real life, it just makes me happy. My personal favorite celeb bff couple is Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips!… More »

Is This Michelle Williams Native American Inspired Magazine Cover Offensive?

Here we go again! This past year there have been some pretty degrading uses of Native American culture including No Doubt’s Looking Hot Video and Victoria’s…

Dani Vitale Interviews Oz The Great And Powerful’s Designers!

Last week I was able to attend a preview screening of OZ The Great And Powerful

It was honestly the first movie…

90s Pop Is BACK! Destiny’s Child & Justin Timberlake Releasing New Music

Hold the phone! Destiny’s Child AND Justin Timberlake are both preparing to release new music in 2013. AHHHH!

Pop music fans take a deep breathe. 

Destiny’s Child’s official website…

Get Red Carpet Ready With H&M’s Eco-Friendly Dresses!

Inspired by the glamorous red carpets, H&M did it again with their Spring 2012 eco-friendly clothing line by making a collection of wearable (and extremely classy) dresses! The highlight from the Conscious Collection is that all the dresses are made from sustainable materials (think organic cotton, recycled polyester, and even hemp). Who said clothes can’t… More »

MAC Is Coming Out With A Marilyn Monroe Collection

From Michelle WilliamsOscar-nominated movie to Nicki Minaj’s blue skinned Marilyn-inspired look, the Marilyn Monroe hysteria shows no sign of slowing down. Costemics giant MAC just announced that…

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