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Chickfest at AMPLYFI in Los Angeles

This past Saturday my band, The Ruckus, played at this awesome little venue in Hollywood called AMPLYFi! It was for their first ever CHICKFEST where they featured girl fronted rock bands! It was a really cool venue and I had such a fun time rockin’ out with my band! I was so excited that some… More »

Onch Movement Presents: Eat It All!

Last night I attended Onch Movement’s Eat It All event at Petro Zillia to celebrate the new line of Onch Movement Jewelry! It was such an amazingly fun night of delicious fashion! There was an open candy bar, live ladybugs, sweets, colorful costumes and even a flash mob!! Special appearances were made by Nicky Hilton,… More »

CONTEST: ‘Bad Kids Go To Hell’ Comic Book Giveaway

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MD is for Doctor by Michael Shirley

my friend michael shirley just launched his new line MD is for Doctor!

i am obsessed with the “don’t drink poison” necklace.

if you haven’t already,…

teenage wasteland.

how do you end a perfect 4th of july? by pulling a prank on the tour manager.. at about 4a.m. three of us decided to tape up the tour managers bunk…

Buzznet + The Cab + The Sims 3 Ambitions = One Rad Party

Buzznet teamed up with The Cab for a fiesta in Hollywood last week to promote the muy anticipated The Sims 3 Amibitions game. Get a rundown of the highlights (not discluding blue Smurf poop) here.

Me & Bree

Me & Bree

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