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Tarja’s blog #7 – Tour Report pt.2

April 6th, 2011

Tour Report Part II

I didn’t know what to expect from Lima, Peru since I had never been there. The organizers and all the people helping us showed us that they really…

Tarja’s blog #6 – Tour Report pt.1

April 2nd, 2011

My dear friends, it was impossible to post during my Latin American tour.

Whether we were travelling or I had some other activities. I searched for a time to rest whenever I…

Christmas Concerts 2011

Announced the first two dates for Xmas Concerts 2011 in Finland: Dec 8, 2011, Helsinki, Finlandia-talo klo 19.00 Dec 12, 2011, Lahti, Sibeliustalo klo 19.00 For these first two dates it’s possible to buy the packet that contains also the VIP Dinner.MORE INFOS HERE

Tarja’s blog #5 – New tour starting today

March 5th, 2011

Hola a todos desde Mexico DF!

We arrived to DF few days ago for rehearsals and everything has been just great.

It is nice to have Doug and Julian with us this time. …

Photo Contest Winners!

Thanks for the thousands of photos you delivered once again. The choice for the ones that will be included in the tour book of “What Lies Beneath” was very difficult. But even harder was to decide the top three photos! The list of photos chosen for the tour book will need to wait to be… More »

Tarja in Milan – What Lies Beneath Tour 2010

December 21st, 2010 – Milan, Magazzini Generali Pics by my dad If anyone needs of them, write in the comment below and I will send you the UHQ photo Camera used: EOS CANON DIGITAL 400

Tarja’s blog #2 – Back in the cold winter wonderland


24th November 2010

Let me say that I was not the only Finn whose face got serious when the plane landed at the airport in Helsinki. Why on earth our ancestors decided…

Tarja Bio

Tarja Turunen (born 17 August 1977), full name Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen Cabuli, is a Finnish singer-songwriter and composer, full operatic lyric soprano. Her work includes three solo albums, and an 11 song EP. She…

The Phantom Of The Opera – Nightwish

One of my fav songs ever. The voice of Tarja makes me tremble and shiver every time I listen her songs. She’s epic! “End of an era” was her last tour with Nightwish, but then her solo career it’s been in continue climb. Her music is legend, her voice is pure and crystalline. This clip… More »

Until my last breath – Tarja

Cannot cry it loud enough I’m giving up this ghost How can I still justify When you deny my voice In this nothing I am not allowed I just follow alone Words as weapons without a sound Echoes dying unborn Until my last breath You’ll never know Until you feel the silence When I am… More »

I feel immortal – Tarja

Whenever I wake up I’m lost and always afraid It’s never the same place I close my eyes to escape The walls around me And I drift away Inside the silence Overtakes the Pain In my dreams I feel Immortal I am not scared No, I am not scared I feel immortal When I am… More »

My List Of The Hottest Rockstars

     I’ve been wanting to do this for months & finally I am.This is going to be my list of who’s the hottest rockstars.Why not? You guys know that sometimes the reason you like a band/rockstar…

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