Christmas Craft Ideas!

On the 10th day of KELT-MAS I gave to you….some really good ideas for crafts. You know I love a craft and the holidays are the perfect time to craft someone a gift, or something for their tree! So get your glue gun out and star glittering everything kiddies! ps. did you see I am… More »

Celebrities In Christmas Costumes

As someone who spent a good deal of the last decade dressed in some sort of Holiday costume and knowing how totally radical that is, I couldn’t resist highlighting some of the most famous faces that also seem to really enjoy a good costume. There is no better way to get in the holiday spirit… More »

My Christmas List

ok…ok, that awkward moment when you know you do not NEED anything, but of course, there are always things you love and would love to have in your little life circle. Swooon + I (and family) are not doing xmas gifts this year because we are trying to save for a house + our wedding…. More »

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