Merry Christmas To Everyone!

With this video I wanna wish a Happy Xmas to all…

Merry Xmas From Britney

Brett, Santa & Brit

A kiss to everyone…

…and Merry Xmas one more to you fantastic guys, in particular to: Hanna Beth Audrey Kitching Celine Marina WaffleQueen WaffleKing

Merry Xmas To Everyone!

Merry Xmas Buzznet guys!!! Love you so much, I wish you all your dreams can come true soon xoxo

Xmas Greetings from Tokio Hotel

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!! xx


I hope you have a great day!!!!Yesterday, I was at home to the best friend of my dad for a fish’ dinner! I ate so much!!!! I came back home at 2 am Now, among 30 minutes will arrive the cousins of my mum and my sponsors at confirmation for Xmas lunch… where I’ll eat… More »

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