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Our Top 20 Favorite Songs Of 2016…So Far

Can you believe we are halfway through 2016 already? While the years keep on flying by, we’re certainly lucky enough to be graced with some killer songs along the way! While we’re sure you guys can’t wait for some new releases (as are we!), we decided to round up our top 20 favorite songs of… More »

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez is by far one of our favorite human beings here at BUZZNET. The girl not only has a style all her own but has such a vivid imagination – one that we, as fans, get to experience through the singer’s music. With hits like “Carousel,” “Pity Party” and “Soap,” Martinez has officially penned… More »

Girl Power! Top 10 Empowering Female Anthems

Being a girl comes with its ups and downs, but for the most part, we pretty much kill it on a daily basis. While feminism is favorably on the rise, sometimes it’s hard to feel worthy in a male-dominated world. But of course, when Beyoncè reminds you “who run the world” it gets a little… More »

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