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Megan Fox Is Pregnant!

Yes, you heard right! Megan Fox really is pregnant, sorry boys

There have been many rumors, but E! has just confirmed it. Her and her hubby Brian…

Celeb Love/Hate

Celeb Relationships, Engagements, Breakups, and Fueds.

Female Celebs With Radical Tattoos!

Things I love. Tats, girls and radicalness. Check out these photos of your favorite females who like to rock some ink on their skin. Super hawt. Yes I am talking like a crazy person. Yes, I am. xx!!

Hollywood Is Talking About… 3/26

The highly-anticipated flick The Hunger Games came out this weekend and earned a whopping $155 million at the box office. Apparently the movie causes supposed love triangle feuds to end as well!

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Watch Out Lindsay Lohan! Megan Fox Also In Talks To Play Elizabeth Taylor

Last week word on the street was that Lindsay Lohan was on the forefront of lucky ladies in talks to play silver screen icon Elizabeth Taylor. Despite…

Megan Fox Goes 40’s Glam for Armani Ad


Actress Megan Fox is more often seen as sexy than sultry and more grunge than glam, but the truth is that she is all of the above.


Natalie Portman: The Sexiest Woman On Earth

Playboy magazine drafted a chart of the sexiest women on earth. This time the woman who conquered all and made it to the top of the list is the…

Victoria Beckham vs Megan Fox in Armani Ads

I believe that any fashion follower can remember the steaming VBeckham Armani Underwear ads last season,
but in case you’ve forgotten – they went a little something like this:

<img src="" border="0"…

Pop Waffle + Idolator Present: 2009 In Review

Is this real life? Why’d Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize? Was balloon boy totally staged? Will the three wolf moon shirt see its way into 2010? With colored pencils and all these questions (and more) Pop Waffle & Idolator take us through 2009. Whee!

Megan Fox Is Leaving Rpattz and Zac Efron To You

Around these parts, there’s a love/hate relationship with both Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and 17 Again‘s Zac Efron, but Megan Fox has a firm opinion on them both: They’re too pretty, and too inexperienced.[cut=Zing…]


Megan Fox Banned From Wal-Mart

Megan Fox was reportedly banned from her hometown Wal-Mart after a shoplifting incident during her wild teenage years. “Megan (Fox) was quite a rebel growing up. She thought she could get away with anything, and definitely had sticky fingers,” her friend said. “She would pocket things like candy and gum from… from

Teen Choice Awards 07!

I was so busy looking at photos of what all the celebs wore to the event that I almost forgot to check who actually WON. Fear not, I have recovered from my fashion-coma:

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