WATCH: Kendall Jenner Calls Out Haters In Mean Girls-Inspired Burn Book

Think twice before you send a mean tweet to Kendall Jenner next time because girls got herself a nice little “burn book”. In honor of her victory over the haters, and her #1 slot on…

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Is Perfection In Wonderland Magazine

Love love love. I’m obsessed with Lindsay Lohan in the latest issue of Wonderland magazine. She looks SO GOOD. Lindsay has been on a health kick and is a changed woman. She says, ‘sleeping, drinking water and meditating’ are they key to her success. Whatever she is doing, it’s paying off. You can read what… More »

On Wednesday’s We Wear The Best Mean Girls Accessories

Today, April 30th marks the 10-year anniversary of the movie that changed all of our lives. That’s right, MEAN GIRLS. In honor of this very special day here at Buzznet, we are all wearing pink (it’s Wednesday, duh) and quoting the movie all day…we are so FETCH. To feed your Mean Girls addiction I have… More »

Katelyn’s Book Shelf: Bossypants by Tina Fey

For me, there is nothing better than reading a good book! I always find lots of time to read while flying, waiting in a waiting room, or when I have nothing…

Life Lessons With Mean Girls

As we say goodbye to All Star Month, there is but one more all star that is so fitting that I cannot believe that it hasn’t been talked about yet: 

Homeschooled? Stay Positive and Social!

I love hearing stories from students who are homeschooled. They have such unique experiences and being that I went to public school – I find the stories fascinating! One question I’m always asked is, “How can I make sure to stay social and feel “included” while homeschooling?” In this blog, I set out to answer… More »

Flashback Friday: 10 Movies That Make You Want to Go Back to School

It’s the heart of back to school season, which can only mean one thing: summer is coming to an end! No more hanging out and doing nothing all day, no more spending hours…

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