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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rachel McAdams

Some things we already know about Canadian born actress Rachel McAdams:
She’s super talented, breathtakingly beautiful, and always knows how to rock a red carpet.


Question of the Day: What’s the Meanest Thing You’ve Ever Said To Someone?

Well, this weekend has kind of been like this:

Mostly, I am referring to a post by NewAgeAshly. She has this post where she highlights the use of various four letter words by…

Question of the Day: Do You Know Any Mean Girls?

Chances are, you know or knew some Mean Girls. You know, THEM. Well not THEM! per se (omg GIANT ANTS), but them, the rulers of the school that for some reason or another, singled you…

Relax, take it easy!

I’m a little bit better, for relax me I decided to stay in my bed, don’t think to nothing and watch MEAN GIRLS, one of my fav movies ever. Anyone thinks it like…

You Can Drink Out of Your Red Plastic Cup, But I’ll Be Trick or Treating.

For those of you that are in the process of completing, or have already completed the lovely high school experience, I’m sure all of you are graced with the knowledge that every year, someone takes it…

Lindsay’s Out of Jail Which Means We’re Throwing a MEAN GIRLS Viewing Party Tonight!

Sorry for the short notice Buzznet, but I DID threaten this on Twitter a few days ago:

AS YOU MIGHT WELL KNOW, Lindsay Lohan recently spent some time in jail.  AS YOU MAY OR…

OMG, Paramount, Stop Trying to Make ‘Mean Girls 2’ Happen!

So, in case you haven’t noticed, we here at Buzznet enjoy our Mean Girls references.  Yes, there are times we have gone overboard with them and times where people refused to believe we were just…

We love mean girls! And Jonathan Bennett

Watch the nice interview here.

With Jonathan Bennett of Mean Girls

Watch the nice interview here. Yeah I edited the colors because I’m super pale.

Hearts for Mean Girls and Jonathan Bennett

Watch the nice interview here.

Jonathan Bennett Hearts Buzznet

Aaron from Mean Girls! Watch the nice interview here.

Jonathan Bennett Does A “Nice” Interview With Buzznet

We had a nice surprise visit to the Buzznet offices this week by Jonathan Bennett of “Mean Girls”. Buzznet’s very own Bree ( does a quick interview with Jonathan, so we could find out just how nice he truly is.

New Moon stills

Shots from Twilight’s sequel, coming soon to a theater near you. Whether you like it or not. Can you come up with some funny captions?

Who here has ever felt personally victmized by Kanye West?

From I didn’t make it!

So you agree?

I didn’t make this, credit to fuckyeahmeangirls

Bratz the Movie:

You probably heard, but in case you didn’t, a Bratz movie is coming out. Yes, based on those controversial dolls that make Barbie look like a saint. There’s a…

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