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These Evil Women Are The Greatest Female Villains In Cinematic History

Some of them were real-life people, too!

10 GIFs That Explain Our Excitement Over Fall

Fall is finally in the air! The smell of leaves and pumpkin space are filling our little nostrils as we review our collection of sweaters, scarves, and hats. Basically, heaven is a place on earth for the next six to eight weeks and we’re fired up! For all you fall lovers out there, we like,… More »

#FBF 8 Mean Girls GIFs We Still Live By

Back in 2004, Mean Girls hit the big screen. This hilarious teen comedy written by Tina Fey and starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, was pretty much everything. It made us laugh, cry, and re-evaluate all those wild High School norms. Well, maybe it’s been 13 years, but we still live for this flick. On… More »

Top 5 Best Soundtrack Moments In a Movie

Soundtracks are pretty much the backbone to any epic movie scene. With the right song behind all of your favorite scenes, movies just wouldn’t be complete without music. From The Breakfast Club to Divergent, soundtracks – though on an unfortunate decline these days – set it all in motion and there’s always at least one… More »

QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember Mean Girls?

Welcome To The Brand New Buzznet!

Hello Friends! Today is HUGE! After a lot of patience, planning and design, we’re excited to present you with a brand new Buzznet! We’re ready to embrace this new chapter for Buzznet and take full advantage of a smooth running site, to produce content you’re excited to share and tell your friends about. Hope you… More »

“Mean Girls” Cast Reunites for Entertainment Weekly Shoot

Ten years after the cult classic Mean Girls was released, the cast reunited for a photo shoot in Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue… and I couldn’t be more excited. Mean Girls is one of my favorite films (I quote it daily), so I was super stoked for this reunion shot by Ruven Afanador. Lindsay Lohhan, Rachel… More »

It’s October 3rd: The Best Mean Girls GIFs

Happy October 3rd! I think we can all agree Mean Girls is the one movie we can watch over and over again. In honor of the internet acclaimed “Mean Girls Day” I think it’s appropriate…

Top 10 Movies That Will Get You Excited About Going Back To School

It’s that time of the year again! Yup you guessed it, back to school time. Sorry kids but it’s time to wake up early again and strut down the halls like it’s your runway, at least that’s what they do in the movies. To get you pumped up to head back to school I wanted… More »

Tell Me Why: Heathers

I’ve been brushing up on my 80’s movie knowledge by renting a lot of the classics on Netflix. So far, I’m in love. The 80’s…

Happy National Mean Girls Day!

Are you wearing pink today?

Or are you tired of #MeanGirls blowing up your Twitter?

Favorite Movies With School Uniforms Feat. Pitch Perfect

Just a couple weeks ago I had the chance to view the movie Pitch Perfect at an advanced screening put together by Just Jared! The movie was so great, and it got me thinking about my favorite…

Keltie Colleen’s Favorite Covers In Pitch Perfect (VIDEO)

Rebel Wilson is my new favorite person. I loved her when I saw her at the VMAs last week, and then I went to see the movie Pitch Perfect. It’s like a mix between…

Flashback Friday: 10 Movies To Get You Pumped To Go Back To School!

Summer is coming to an end and back to school time is here. But before you groan about returning to 8:00am classes and teachers and books, just think about the awesome stuff…

X Factors Rachel Crow’s EP Premiere!

Hey guys!  Check out the X Factor’s Rachel Crow‘s brand new EP and lyric video for her single “Mean Girls”!

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Top 5 Tuesday: ‘Mean Girls’ Quotes

Mean Girls, everyone’s favorite movie. Don’t deny it, you know you quote it all the time! As one of Tina Fey‘s first films and the movie that shot Lindsay Lohan to stardom, it…

A Girl’s Guide to Being Friends with Girls: Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping (Plus, An Announcement)

Outwardly, this week’s column is about a sentiment I’ve heard expressed several times, most recently by Kelly Osbourne.

“I still find it tough to be around girls because I always say the wrong thing. If…

Hating ‘Twilight’: A User’s Guide

There are many people right now celebrating the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1.  And no, I’m not talking about the Twihards.  I’m talking about those of us who are happy that there is now…

Evolution of: Rachel McAdams

Happy birthday to the lovely Rachel McAdams! It seems like it was just yesterday we were watching her yell at Gretchen for trying to make ‘fetch’ happen. –and we definitely will never forget how jealous she made us when she got to play Ryan Gosling’s love interest in ‘The Notebook’…. AND then stole his heart… More »

10 Rachel McAdams Movies We Absolutely Love

She’d had a number of roles prior, but Rachel McAdams first blew us out of our seats as the ultra-cool and ultra-mean girl Regina George in Mean Girls.…

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