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Breesays Top 10 Albums of 2010

2010 was a good year for our ears, wasn’t it? I already posted my favorite 23 songs of 2010, but I’m jumping on the bandwagon and posting my top 10 albums as well. Party!


Why my Christmas was SO. DAMN. AWESOME.

My Christmas was amazing. amazing. I shall now recall the highlight of my goddamn life.

Okay, rewind to Christmas day. Everyone’s there – ‘everyone’ being my mum, dad, stepdad and sister – and my mum announces…

MTV Buzzworthy’s Music Faves of 2010: The Ready Set, 30STM, MCR

The MTV Buzzworthy blog asked their readers to vote on their music faves from this year and you might be pleased to know that 30 Seconds To Mars and…

Breesays Top 23 Songs of 2010

In no particular order, because that would take me an extra long time to decide.

“Raise Your Glass” by Pink

“Dancing with a Ghost” by Valencia


KROQ’s 2010 Almost Acoustic Christmas Wrap

This past weekend I got hooked up with a photopass and a VIP pass to cover the 21st Annual KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas.  This two-day event is always the king of all holiday radio shows which…

My Chemical Romance @ KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

Night one, 12/11/10

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2010 — Dec. 11, Gibson Ampitheatre, Los Angeles

November 2010 Playlist

What songs were on yours?

At Warner Bros Records

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My Chemical Romance ‘Danger Days’ Album Preview Review

On the morning of Tuesday, November 9th I got to join a small group of My Chemical Romance fans for a listening party. These were the first fans IN THE WORLD to hear Danger Days:…

My Chemical Romance give away free download.

YES. YOU JUST READ THAT RIGHT. head on over to and follow the instructions to grab a free copy of ‘Save Yourself, I’ll Hold them Back’ now!

Take it from me, this one’s awesome as…

My Chemical Romance “DANGER DAYS: California 2019 Edition” And Macbook Air Giveaway!

Oh we so have you covered on this one My Chem fans. 

Head on over to PureVolume where My Chem fans every where are getting a chance…

MCR Lyrics Video for NA NA NA

Gimmie more gimmie more gimmie more!

Weezer Secret Show in L.A.

AXE Music “One Night Only” Concert Series Featuring Weezer. All images credit GETTY. Do not repost.


Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance posted an update from the studio yesterday and after assuring everyone that new shit is coming… he announced that his wife is expecting. [cut=BABIES…]


Little (Photo)Shop of Horrors

Because sometimes I just can’t control the urge.

My Chemical Romance Cancel Australian Tour

Ruh-roh Aussie MCR fans–Frank Iero posted some sour news on their official site just now. [cut=Oh crap…]

I got some good news and I got some bad news….while in

Gerard in NME

So concerned with keeping it real these days, aren’t you, Gee?

Gerard Way on NME

DCMA Party Post

Saturday night at The Roxy on Sunset, Buzznet and DCMA Collective got their party on and some famous faces were there to help! [cut=Oh yeah? Oh, yeah…]