Keltie Colleen’s Favorite Covers In Pitch Perfect (VIDEO)

Rebel Wilson is my new favorite person. I loved her when I saw her at the VMAs last week, and then I went to see the movie Pitch Perfect. It’s like a mix between…

LISTEN: Adele & Daft Punk Mash-Up

Adele and Daft Punk have collided — and it’s amazing to the ears. DJ Carolos Serrano has taken Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” and mashed it…

Toy Story Mash Up: You’ve Got A Friend In Me Remix

Future club kids of the internet, are you tired of shaking your thang to Gaga’s drunk lyrics? Think you need something more wholesome to groove to? Well, ’round up your grade school siblings because Disney has done it for you. That heart-warming anthem of Toy Story has been remixed! Check out “You’ve Got a Friend… More »

Conan does the Monster Mash

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