Bands Share Their Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is almost here people! We are all just hours away from digging into the pumpkin pie! To honor one of American’s most beloved holidayswww, we had some of our favorite musician share some Thanksgiving memories here on Buzznet. Have fun flicking through these stories from Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls, Wes Dimond of… More »

Boys Like Girls Perform At The Grove Of Anaheim

This past Thursday night I headed down to Anaheim, CA to watch the handsome gentlemen in Boys Like Girls and The All American Rejects put on a rock and roll show. I had a blast hanging out with fellow Buzzmaker Dani Vitale and snapping these photos of the guys. Boys Like Girls played over an… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Behind The Scenes of Boys Like Girls ‘Be Your Everything’ Music Video

Boys Like Girls are back with a new album and tomorrow they will premiere the music video for the love song, “Be Your Everything”. Buzznet was fortunate enough to be on set for the video and snagged these amazing behind the scenes photos! Be sure to check out the brand new video tomorrow and catch… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Boys Like Girls Are Ready To Give “EVERYTHING”

Boys Like Girls have announced a huge national tour this week with The All-American Rejects, and have a new album coming out this fall titled, Crazy World. BLG have been out of…

Photos From The TWLOHA Sevenly Photoshoot And Fitting Room (VIDEO)

Hey guys, As you may know from my previous posts two days ago TWLOHA had their official launch date for To Write Love On Her Arms campaign with Sevenly. I am so honored to have been a part of such a great cause. I put together a gallery of some of the photos from me… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Boys Like Girls On Their ‘Crazy World’

Boys Like Girls are gearing up to take back the pop/rock music scene! With the release of their EP Crazy World days away (July 17), we wanted to know what the boys

Martin Johnson & Keltie Colleen Model For TWLOHA Sevenly (VIDEO)

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work closely with a company who I hold very dear to my heart, To Write Love On Her Arms. TWLOHA asked me to model along…

Gratuitous Pics Of Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls are back and Buzznet could not be more excited about it! Martin Johnson, Paul DiGiovanni, John Keefe and new member Morgan Dorr have been hard at work on a new album and planning a tour! Yay! I got the chance to hang out with these guys on the set of their new… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: Introducing Morgan Dorr In Boys Like Girls

At Bamboozle I got the chance to spend some time with Boys Like Girls’ new bass player Morgan Dorr. Morgan has been a long time friend of the band, from back home…

Boys Like Girls Talks Recording Process With Dani Vitale

So Bamboozle was a ton of fun hanging out with all my friends at the beach, watching shows, and interviewing bands… When I got the notice that I would be interviewing <a…

More Photos From The TWLOHA Sevenly Shoot!

As you may have seen in past few posts, I worked closely with TWLOHA for their official launch date for To Write Love On Her Arms campaign with Sevenly. I had so much fun and also am so glad it all is going towards such a great cause. This is going to be my last… More »

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