The Influx Of Lyric Videos

For the past few years, lyric videos have become a must for practically every artist and a companion to the music video. When they first started to pop up on YouTube, I thought they’d be…

Tomorrow In Poorly Conceived Viral Marketing Campaigns: The Terrifying Phone Call

Inspired by the above story of two teenage Saw fans whose mischief is bringing a fresh wave of attention to the hugely successful horror franchise, always-innovative AfterDark CEO Courtney Solomon is scrambling to organize Captivity “phone teams” to call middle-aged women in poor health in key markets, hoping that mysterious…

Annals Of Movie Marketing: Taking ‘Rocky’ Out With The Trash

We really have to commend Sony Picture Home Entertainment for its well-executed, thoughtful marketing campaign for the Rocky Balboa DVD, an effort captured in this reader-submitted cameraphone photo of a garbage truck leaving the Fallbrook… from

Annals Of Movie Marketing: Color In Wilbur, Then Devour ‘Some Pig’

The AdFreak blog points out a truly inspired Charlotte’s Web promotion offered by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, in which kids are invited to color a picture of Wilbur, the film’s porcine star, for a chance to… from

David Lynch And The Cow: The Video

In what we hope completes our multimedia coverage of yesterday’s publicity stunt, in which David Lynch mysteriously appeared on the corner of Hollywood and La Brea with a cow and copious promotional signage for Inland…

Fox Throws A Conspiracy Party For ‘Vanished,” But No One Shows Up

Wanting to cultivate the kind of obsessive devotion that drives fans of Lost to scrutinize the possibly anachronistic inclusion of home appliances in The Hatch, Fox’s publicity department decided to promote fledgling drama Vanished by… from

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