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Britney Spears – Choose Your Beat [New Fan Made Video]

– Watch in HD
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Hey guys,<br…

Britney You Are Supreme Like A Rainbow After Rain

In occasion of Britney’s engagement, I finally finished this video and…

First Gift Of My Upcoming Birthday!

I came back home from Uni and my mom said me: Look what it’s arrived! There were an evelope on my bed and I recognized that it was from my sweet friend Magdalena (superwildchild90) from Poland. She sent me MaRina album (some of you know her because she had an account here: marinaluczenko) and I’m… More »

A Kiss For You!

Yesterday evening, before to go out with my parents, I shot a couple of pics in my bathroom while i’m preparing for the evening, and I thought to shot me while I was sending a kiss… This pic is dedicated to all the people follows me, and in particular, I wanna dedicate this pic to… More »

My January Top 10 Chart!

Everyone of us waited for 2011, and now January is almost ended! Ups and dows like always, life is life, and nothing is perfect, we must only try to rend things better, and…

Happy New 2011!

Over all to my stars: Hanna Beth, Audrey Kitching, Celine, Marina, wafflequeen All the best for all of you, I love you so much *smack*

A kiss to everyone…

…and Merry Xmas one more to you fantastic guys, in particular to: Hanna Beth Audrey Kitching Celine Marina WaffleQueen WaffleKing

My song of the week – Week #3

i’m completly addicted to this song!!! I listen it again and again and again and Marina is a very sweet girl over to be a very talented singer… I wish her all the best Love you girl xoxo

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