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Marilyn Manson Explains What Went Wrong with Dita

Marilyn Manson says new love Evan Rachel Wood is his soulmate. The goth rocker, who split with wife Dita Von Teese late last year, says the young actress is his perfect partner. The 38-year-old told France’s Le Parisien newspaper: “I’ve found my double, my twin, with my new girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood. “She’s… from

Music Buzz 1/24

MCR vs. Kasabian. (NME)Rise Against loves them Veggie Hot Dog Stands. (AP) ps. I’m moving to Canada.Thom Yorke’s iTunes playlist. (MusicSlut)Marilyn Manson, Black Eyed Peas announce album titles. (Rocklouder & ONTD)Baby Got Back– The Lounge…

Dita aka Mrs. Manson

Dita aka Mrs. Manson

Still my favorite couple

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