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Buzz Bites: Justin Bieber Posts Cryptic Instagram Singing Along To A Taylor Swift Song

Hey there Tuesday! It’s raining here in NYC, but we’re safe inside! So let’s see what’s buzzing online to get the day going! The first trailer for the live action re-make of Beauty and The Beast starring Emma Watson is out! Take it for a spin below. Ariana Grande has dropped a new video for… More »

WATCH: Mariel Of Candy Hearts Shows Us How She Packs For Tour!

Reblogged from Candy Hearts

Hey Buzznet!

As you all know we are always on the road touring cities near you which means we basically have to live…

Red Hot Chili Peppers Didn’t Plug In Their Guitars At The Super Bowl

Did the Red Hot Chili Peppers play live during the Super Bowl? How could men in their 50s do jumps so high and not get out of breath? Why am I so in love with…

Candy Hearts’ Mariel Loveland On Sexism In Music For Alternative Press

Candy Heart‘s Mariel Loveland shared her perspective on sexism in the music industry with Alternative Press. I pulled out the 6 things she is sick of hearing as a…

Happy Halloween: Spooky Band Merch for Celebrating All October Long

October is here which means I immediately have begun to start over-consuming ghost-shaped peeps and pumpkin lattes — hold the candy corn though, I just can’t get into that stuff. There’s nothing I love more than a good Halloween party and kitschy Halloween decorations, but we can’t dress up all month, unless you work at… More »

New Found Glory’s ‘Connect The Dots’ Music Video

New Found Glory is obviously in the business of killing it. Like…seriously, they kill it in everything they do, and I’m not only talking about the title of their…

Check Out Our New Video For Miles & Interstates!

Finally, finally, finally – the day is here! I get to show you all our brand new video for “Miles & Interstates”! We’re also releasing a super limited 7″ for this single with an…

Mariel Loveland’s Tour Dairy + WIN Her Favorite Sunglasses

Hi All!

I’m sitting in a gas station somewhere between Utah and Nevada. We’re on our way to Salt Lake City and the last peg of the March Radness Tour.

Like the…

Buzznet Exclusive: Amoeba Adventures With Candy Hearts (VIDEO)

Candy Hearts just released their new acoustic EP with a set of songs that hold a special place in singer Mariel Loveland’s heart. According to Mariel, these songs are amongst,…

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