Inside Look From The 2012 March Of Dimes Luncheon

The 2012 March of Dimes Celebration of Babies was held on Thursday at a luncheon in Beverly Hills, California. The annual event was a huge success, and you may see some familiar faces who attended this heartwarming charity. Get an inside look of the event from my gallery!

Buzznet Designer to Watch: Marialia Pacitto of MARIALIA

Buzznet is basically a breeding ground for the next Karl Lagerfelds and Vivienne Westwoods of the world. We have SO many talented fashion designers doing creative and amazing things, and this week we want to…


is so beautiful. One of my most favorite design labels out there. Check out their “inspiration board” for their springsummer11 collection. i think im one of the only designers that doesn’t do any of those things while planning a collection. i hardly ever even sketch. xo

Marialia’s Favorite Fashions for Back to School

Behind the Scenes @ Marialia’s Candy Land Shoot

Next Round Of Fashion Awards Announced Finally!!

I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the next round of “Ur Style Rocks” Awards….so here they are!!! 

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