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Vogue Paris Celebrates 90 Years!

On Thursday night, the disguise-themed Paris Vogue birthday bash, held at the Hôtel Pozzo di Borgo, rolled on into the early Friday hours. Designers, models and fashion editors alike attended the extravagant masked ball—John Paul Gaultier, Marc…

Hot or Not?

Clear bags? Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta…they’ve all put their own twist on the infamous clear bag. I personally don’t understand why anyone would want to advertise what they enjoy carrying around, especially…

Heel-Less Shoes

So apparently I just love crazy shoes. The following don’t have heels. Lady Gaga fell down in a pair of fabulously high heel-less shoes. That’s how insane they are.

Nina Ricci


Hot or Not?

This Fall, hemlines have gone down and necklines have gone up. Lots of designers featured conservative chic in their Fall 2010 collections. 

Marc Jacobs

Max Azria

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Best Looks From New York Fashion Week: Day 6

New York Fashion Week kicked off on September 9th, and from the jump there were some amazing looks. Here’s the best of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Karen Walker, Herve Leger by BCBG, and more.

Best Looks From New York Fashion Week: Day 5

New York Fashion Week kicked off on September 9th, and from the jump there were some amazing looks. Here’s the best of Marc Jacobs, Rad Hourani, Chris Benz and more.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 is awesome. Im head over heels with the oversized…

Louis Vuitton Makes Throat Tattoos, Thugs Let Out Giant Group Sigh

Louis Vuitton sees the Chanel temporary leg tattoos, raises them a full throat tattoo.  Artist Scott Campbell was tapped by his longtime friend Marc Jacobs (Campbell is Jacobs’…

New Swimsuit Line from Lorenzo Martone and Jules Kim: NYCKED

The hot Brazilian thus far best known for being Marc Jacobs’ boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone, has teamed up with jewelry designer Jules Kim of Bijules to deisgn a line of sexy,…

10 Favorite Things This Week & Contest

Hello chiclets, Animal masks absolutely top my list of fav’s this week. There are so many to choice from. I love them all! Check out what else made my Top 10 List this week *HERE*HERE*HERE*HERE* 1. What’s your favorite thing from my list? 2. If you were an animal what kind would you want to… More »

The 10 Things Im Lovin This Week & Contest

Lush Cupcake Face Mask came in at #1! It almost looks good enough to eat and leaves your skin super soft. See what else made my Top 10 list HERE Everyone that looks through my list and leaves a comment below telling me: 1. Which of my 10 things is their favorite 2. What you’re… More »

Yes, but I have BOOBS

So, for a long time it seems like the fashion industry has had some vendetta against women with hips, boobs and a butt.  Designs were intended for women with a 15, 15, 15 figure, cuts…

Marc Jacobs is OOC

Yeah, he’s out of control. According to a friend, Marc has been going out every night in Paris and partying a little too hard. The designer has been in and out of rehab the past couple years — and things were most noticeably a little out of hand when Marc went… from

Wednesday Buzz 9/12

Hayden Panettiere is single. (Evil Beet)

Simon Cowell’s advice for Brit. (POTP)

Hollywood babies in danger? (PopBytes)

Galadarling’s top 5 beauty tips.

Marc Jacobs has a WTF moment. (Allie is Wired)


Marc Jacobs picks Lauren Conrad

Remember when I interviewed Lauren Conrad (The Hills) and she said Marc Jacobs was one of her favorite designers? No? Well, she did— so now just how stoked…

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