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Sculpture of Zombie Boy

British sculptor Marc Quinn immortalized Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, in Cu Pb Mn Fe Mg Si (copper, lead, manganese, iron, magnesium, and silicon). It was first introduced last fall at…

Zombie Boy Rick Genest Frolics on a Brazilian Beach in FFW Magazine

Heavily tattoed male model Rick Genest (also known as Zombie Boy) was photographed frolicking on a beach for a weirdly tropical/summery editorial called Pierrot Tropical in Brazilian magazine FFW. These photos confuse my brain. Do zombies like the beach? I mean I imagine everyone needs to unwind now and again and the undead are not… More »

Zombie Boy Rick Genest Poses for Schön Magazine

Everybody’s favorite tatted male model, “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest is covering Schön magazine this month. The spread involves bend-y yoga poses and a magnifying glass…interesting. His look kind of freaks me out, I mean, he’s a living skeleton. Are you guys into it? More Zombie Boy below:Zombie Boy Rick Genest Frolics on a Brazilian Beach… More »

Aaron Frew, the Male Kate Moss?

Standing at 5′ 7″, Aaron Frew is extremely short compared to his 6-foot-and-up male counterparts. He’s even short compared to most female models, who usually measure around 5′ 9″. So I guess you could call…

It-Boy: Ethan James, Rising Star in Modeling Industry

Ethan was born in Michigan and signed with Ford Models at age 17 (I think he is currently 20 years old). He was always interested in fashion, fashion photography and a strong personal style—unlike many…

Ash Stymest as Amy Winehouse in Candy Magazine

It takes real guts to wear ripped fishnets, red lipstick and a skin-tight minidress, especially if you are a boy.

Ellen von Unwerth photographed male model extraordinaire Ash Stymest, styled by Robbie Spencer, as Amy Winehouse…

Werk It.

Apparently you can’t upload GIFs as photo posts. So here is a lovely GIF of Cole Mohr working his fierce supermodel turn.

I hope you enjoy.


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