All Time Low Share Band Memories & Meeting Mark Hoppus

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And to finish off our mont of sharing memories, we have All Time Low sharing some of their career memories…

All Time Low Share High School Memories

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All Time Lows Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat gave us some of their wonderful memories from high school…

Festival Memories – From Our First Festival Ever to Now

Festivals are probably my favorite thing about being in a band. No matter where, no matter what, no matter how much the entire tour has made me want to crawl in a hole in the van and never come out, a festival is like a momentary reprieve – the light in the middle of the… More »

Andrew McMahon Reflects On His Career

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And take a look at Andrew McMahon sharing a few of his best career memoires from over the years. He…

Andrew McMahon Shares High School Memories

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More high school memoires with Andrew McMahon for all to enjoy. His prom story is so cute! #musicrules.

BUZZNET Exclusive: Brian Logan Dales Shares His Prom Memories!

Prom season is in the air SO I felt it was only necessary for me to share my personal prom memories with you

Thank You Mom: Mother’s Day Tribute

Happy Sunday lovelies!

Today is a day that whether or not you are with your mom you usually show your appreciation in some way! I unfortunately am one who cannot be with…

Making Memories: Highkicks + Highhopes

Many. Many moons ago I startd Highkicksandhighhopes as my first blog. I blogged for years and years, and most people came to know me through my blog, which, honestly I started because people were saying I was a slutty weirdo on the i<33nternet and I wanted a place to defend myself. HKHH become somewhat of… More »

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