BubbleGoth Eye Make Up Tutorial

I was just playing around with some make up and made a tutorial for you guys in case you wanna have some BubbleGothtastic make up fun. Enjoy and add your own touches! What you need to do make up like this: – 2 different tones of the same color. I used light and dark orange… More »

Kerli Teaches Us How to be a BubbleGoth Beauty Just Like Her!

Because I know you’re all dying to tap into your inner moonchild and get gorgeous BubbleGoth eyes that pop like Kerli’s! Sooooo…do you love or loathe Kerli’s look? Inquiring minds want to know! Did you know Kerli is from Estonia but recently moved to Los Angeles? So before you run along and check out Ronnie… More »

Ganguro Girl by Promise Tamang Phan

This is amazing! Promise Phan has such incredible talent! I would die to have her do my makeup for Halloween!

Michelle Phan Makeup Tutorial — How to Create the Lady Gaga Signature Avant Garde Look from “Bad Romance”

LOVE IT OR HATE IT? We want to see your Lady Gaga makeover. Try creating your own Lady Gaga look and post photos or videos of your “Bad Romance” makeup!

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