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Buzznet is back!!

Finally I am able to post again, yaaaay! Guess what, my laptop is broken!! It’s just typical isn’t it 🙁

I’m going to try and keep posting via my phone until I get the laptop sorted…

2013, new beginnings, new resolutions!

I am welcoming 2013 with open arms! As always, along with many others, I have sat down and given serious thought in to how I’d like to change my life this year! Last year, I sucsesfully managed to stop biting my nails, it might seem like a silly little thing but I am still proud… More »

I’m back! This time, there’s no getting rid of me!

HELLO BUZZERS! I have been very awol, but I am most definitely back and ready to go!

So I guess I have some explaining to do as to why I haven’t been blogging. Over the last…

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