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EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Lynn Spears Interviewed By Glamour

[Jamie Lynn turns 21 on April 4]

Jamie Lynn is all grown up, and celebrating her independence as a woman. She gave a huge interview to, detaling life…

New Britney Tweet: Niece Maddie Sings Auntie Britney’s Cover

Britney Tweeted fans this really cute video of her niece, Maddi, singing Up & Down! OMG! Check out my niece Maddie covering Aunt Britney’s Up N Down. Sooooo adorable! // -Britney

Jul 17th, 2011 – Lynne & Family @ Pool In Atlanta

Memaw Lynne Spears, sister Jamie Lynn and the three kids enjoyed a day at the pool over the weekend at the St Regis hotel in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend. Definetly had to do a double take on Jamie Lynn; she looks just like Brit! + a new Jamie Lynn pic with Maddie @ New… More »

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