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Your Apple Needs Some Glasses

Maison Binoclette is a new French sticker company that makes and sells sunglasses for your Apple (Mac) logo. Why be boring when you can be cool… I personally think…

How Shopping for Perfume Turned Into DEEP THOUGHTS

Late last year, I ended up taking a trip to the mall with my mother.  This is not a bad thing, I love my mom and shopping together tends to be fun for both of…

What’s in my make-up bag

So, I’m just come back home after an afternoon of pre sales shopping, I needed to new make up, I finished everything, then I found a couple of other cute things: a new bag and…

MAC Goes Wonder Woman! (Can We Have ALL The Ladies of DC Comics Please?)

1This year is the 75th Anniversary of DC comics.  And, last month, DC comics published the 600th issue of Wonder Woman.

So, this is pretty much the prime time for MAC to release a Wonder…

makeup tutorial: get my basic evening look

if you have any more questions regarding make up or about this video feel free to leave it below.. xxoo

Getting a Makeup Tuitorial at M.A.C.

I wanted to know what makeup look is hot for Summer, so I went to one of my favorite stores, M.A.C, to find out. What do you think of my romantic daytime look? Check out M.A.C.’s website for more tips!


I know you have all


i have facepaint, and it makes me look like a fafi girl

Gloomy bears are my life, NOT yours

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