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Songs For 10 Days: 6/10

Song legally purchased, includes in “What Lies Beneath” album – 2010 – Universal Music (c) Whenever I wake up I’m lost and always afraid It’s never the same place I close my eyes to escape The walls around me And I drift away Inside the silence Overtakes the pain In my dreams I feel Immortal… More »

10 Most GRRRL Powered Kelly Clarkson Lyrics

Since winning the first season of American Idol ever, Kelly Clarkson has been the reigning champ on the music charts, with her five albums and countless chart-topping hits. What Kelly is known best for are her empowering song lyrics, from hits like “Miss Independent” to “Since U Been Gone” to current chart-topper “What Doesn’t Kill… More »

Songs For 10 Days: 5/10

Song legally purchased, includes in “Mylo Xyloto” album – 2011 – Parlophone (C) Once upon a time somebody ran Somebody ran away saying as fast as I can I got to go I got to go Once upon a time we fell apart You’re holding in your hands The two halves of my heart Once… More »

Magic Wands ‘Crystals’ Lyric Video

Check out this new lyric video from the Magic Wands‘ forthcoming debut album, Aloha Moon, out April 24th! We are going to have an entire <a href=""…

Songs For 10 Days: 3/10

Song legally purchased, includes in “Pink Friday” album – 2010 – Universal Motown (C) [Verse 1] Maybe You Died Cause Everybody Ask Me Where You At I Tried to channel you In Hopes That I Could Stare You Back But Just Like Every Intersection We Just Missed Each other You Got Your Fans Waiting Tell… More »

Magic Wands ‘Kaleidoscope Hearts’ Lyric Video

As we continue our series, check out this new lyric video from the Magic Wands‘ forthcoming debut album, Aloha Moon, out April 24th! We are going to…

Dedicated To My Angel // I See You

Finally I come back with this project… The time isn’t enough and some projects are still stop but I promise to bring them back when I finished this busy…

Songs For 10 Days: 2/10

Song legally purchased, includes in “Who You Are” album – 2011 – Lava/Universal Republic (C) I don’t wanna be the reason, We don’t get down So Ima let you do the leading, And follow you now See I just don’t usually do this, But you’re bringing me out. All the guys I had have gone… More »

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Dating?

Yes folks, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly dating! That sh*t cray or what? Although neither have officially confirmed it, there is a lot of proof! I can’t say I’m…

Dedicated To My Angel // Somewhere

Recently I listened a lot of this song and this is one of my new entrances in the long list of the songs dedicated to my angel. I always…

Dedicated To My Angel // Until It Beats No More

The song of the week to dedicate to my angel is one of the best songs ever sung by a female artist. Maybe it’s not a case if I…

Dedicated To My Angel // Breathe You In

Today I wanna share with you one of the most felt song for me and I fell in love with it before to listen it for the first time.…

#NowPlaying // January 2012 Edition

Here I am with another serie of blogs dedicated to the music.

I already said you that I still write about my usual monthly playlist, but with some changes, because I think it’s good to do…

Miley Cyrus ‘Needs to Be Loved’: Is There Trouble in Paradise?

Miley Cyrus seems to have it all: an impressive career, a loving family, loyal friends, a gorgeous boyfriend. So when she changed her bio on her Twitter…

Dumb Weezer Lyrics

Weezer songs generally make me happy. I am particularly fond of “I Want You To”–it just makes me BEAM. But have you ever really paid attention to Weezer lyrics? Sometimes I think Rivers Cuomo is f*cking with us–just seeing HOW elementary he can make the words, to see if the music will still carry it…. More »

Jennifer Lopez ‘Papi’ Music Video Premiere

We’ve waited a lot for her new video, but now it’s finally here!

This song could…

Getting Results: I is for Inspire/Interpret

Last week, we called for what lyrics inspired you and how you would interpret them. You all are an inspirational bunch and I’ve even found some new stuff to listen to. Let’s take a look…

Alphabet Assignment: I is for Inspire & Interpret

This week’s Alphabet Assignment comes from Taylor Swift. Yup. You heard that right. If you haven’t heard, Taylor has been showing up on stage with some of her favorite lyrics written on her arm:



Check out the full Femme Fatale booklet, including new pictures!

First off, i would like to thank God and my loving family for all their unconditional love. My amazing boyfriend, Jason, I love you and thank…

Keep Your Head Up

Keep your head up to the sky We can just rise up tell me now Gimme me your wings so we can fly I need your love I need you now I need your light right here today I need you now