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New Lyrics: Need Ya True Love

Right now, I wrote new lyrics. I put there crazy emotions because I feel horrible. I want to fight about my art but I don’t know what the next days will…

Song Of The Day: “Looking Up” by Paramore

“Things are looking up, oh finally.”

I was walking home this afternoon and this song just randomly popped into my head. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling a whole lot better than I’ve been feeling…

The Best Paramore Song Lyrics

Are you guys LOVING the new Paramore record? I am. I love that they chose to release a love song as the first single, “Still Into You” is so magical and I love the crazy video too. It makes me want to get a bike and ride it around the living room. I collected some… More »

We Remember The Lyrics: My Chemical Romance

Ever since the recent break-up of My Chemical Romance we can’t help but reminisce on the band’s amazing success over the years. Since 2001, MCR has been making music leaving us with some pretty incredible albums. In a recent interview lead singer Gerard Way stated “My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die.”… More »


 1.The eyes full of the pain drown in silence
Horizon pervades over the body
Memories in colors of the war, turn my mind off

Music On, World Off: “Perfectly” by Christian Burns ft. Maison & Dragen

Welcome to Music On, World Off. Keep calm and press play. 🙂

There are certain songs that come into your life at the most perfect time…

50 Of The Best Paramore Lyrics

Yes the rumors are true; I loveParamore. Okay, you’re right — I have never been shy about how much I love this band. With their self-titled album coming April 9th I am beside myself with excitement. The music has always grabbed me in so many ways. With it’s aggressive heart pounding riffs — or Hayley… More »

Beautiful Song Lyric Tattoos

I have tattoo’s on my mind. I am itching to get another one. At first, Swoon and I were thinking of getting one together. I might still want to get one on my own and I am thinking lyrics from my favorite song. I cannot choose between Matt Nathanson, The Beatles or Bright Eyes. I… More »

New Favorite Song: “Little Things” by One Direction

One Direction recently released the music video for their new single “Little Things”. This song is very different than the music One Direction has released in the past. I knew I…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Young Guns Premiere ‘Bones’ Lyric Video

Young Guns have the perfect new lyric video for Halloween! The British rock band from London’s hit single, “Bones” will get your blood pumping and this lyric video will get you in the mood to…

Can You Match Taylor Swift’s Ex Boyfriends With Her Lyrics? (VIDEO)

Today Taylor Swift’s latest album Red hits stores giving us 16 brand new songs to decode. Taylor is not shy about using her lessons in love to inspire her songs; so…

A Rocket To The Moon Want A ‘Whole Lotta You’

The gentlemen of A Rocket to the Moon have released a music video for their song, “Whole Lotta You.” This feel-good tune is off of their EP titled, That Old Feeling.

Featuring grassy fields,…

Song with a Message: Nobody Ever Told You by Carrie Underwood

Nobody Ever Told You by Carrie Underwood

Everyone has felt insecure at one time or another.  We so often pick apart every little flaw we think…

100 Fan Tattoos Inspired By The Used

The Used is a band I have been listening to for years! Ever since their 2002 self-titled release, I was hooked and caught them live as much as I possibly could. The first time I saw them live in action was Warped Tour in 2003. I waited all day in the heat at the main… More »

Music Notes 7/10

Music notes; because let’s face it, #musicrules. 

We Are The In Crowd release new music video. 

Bloc Party stream new single. 

Joss Stone releases new <a href=""…

Britney Spears & X Factor Judges At Dinner For Four Hours

After the big X Factor announcement, Britney and her fellow judges dined at the ABC Kitchen for four hours, according to “They were very talkative and enjoying it,” said one source. “They arrived mid-evening, around 8-ish, and stayed until late.” “All four looked like they were getting on well and relaxed,” said one restaurant… More »

Music Notes 5/11

It’s FRIDAY! YAY! Here are the music notes to keep you full all weekend. Dig in. 

New John Mayer lyric video. 

The Early November release new album trailer AND…

My song: How I Have To Believe

I wrote this song one month ago. Originally is in Polish, this is only translation 🙂

1. I stay above abyss
Nobody hears my scream
Dark clouds on the sky drive me to despair
Everything reminds…

Adele’s 5 Most Heart Wrenching Lyrics

Adele is notorious for her somber and gut-wrenching lyrics (“Someone Like You” anyone?) sad enough to make the most unemotional person shed a tear or two. However, today is definitely not a day to sad-cry, as it is the soulful singer’s birthday! HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY ADELE! In honor of the Grammy award-winning songstress’ birthday today,… More »

Songs For 10 Days: 7/10

Song legally purchased, includes in “Heart Strings – Live from Royal Liverpool Philharmonic” album – 2008 – MW Records (c) When I was younger thenFound sweeter momentsNo worries or costNot guilty or lostNever afraid to flyWas never afraid to cry Fada, fada go banú an laeFada, fada go banú an laeFada, fada go banú an… More »