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Kristen Stewart Talks About Her Mistakes, Shares Original Poetry & More

In the new issue of Marie Claire, Kristen Stewart is her usual refreshingly candid self. The actress, 23, talks about being judged for her mistakes…

10 Life Essentials Featuring Danny Kurily

I try to be a little bit into everything, I want to be good at anything I try.  These are 10 things that are essentials to my life and my lifestyle. I present…

What Would Mickey Think? Minnie Mouse Gets High-Fashion Makeover

Minnie Mouse has always been an ambassador of the happiest place on earth. But you know what could make things even happier? Some Gucci, Miu Miu, maybe some Louis Vuitton. That’s exactly what the…


You walk by a dark, downtown alley. A skeevy little man whistles your way. You lower your head and pretend to text, but he ushers you closer. Your eyes scan the sidewalk for possible escapes, but you find yourself led deeper into the shadows. And then you see it…..yes, an oasis in the abyss. What… More »

New Obsession: theFancy.com (+ a Life Update)

Hi Buzzy!

Just wanted to post SOMETHING, since it seems like it’s been so long…I haven’t disappeared, just taking a little break to rest my blogging muscles for a while as I get back into the…

Kanye West’s 34 Best Looks for His 34th Birthday

In honor of Kanye West‘s June 8, 1977 birthday we have compiled some of his most hip-hop-prep-futuristic-swag signature Kanye fashion looks. Whether he’s sitting front row at fashion week, on the red carpet or just walking around, Mr.West is always looking camera ready. Check out why he calls himself the Louis Vuitton Don below:

Best Of VOGUE ITALIA (March Issue)

A couple of days ago, I bought Vogue Italia and so I decided to do a blog about the best of this March issue about all the things caught…

Handcuff Purses by Louis Vuitton

You won’t ever lose your purse with Louis Vuitton’s “Lockit” bag. The Fall 2011 collection features the bondage-meets-high fashion bags, complete with a chain leading to a single cuff to lock around your wrist. Apparently,…

Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2011 Giraffe Shoes.

Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2011 runway show was nothing short of RAVISHING. Marc Jacobs’ Afro-Eurasian (?) inspired collection sent chi-pao dresses, fringes, tassels and models holding fans and exquisitely patterned clutches down the runway. And shoes…

This Year’s Top-Notch Accessories

There are some accessories that just never go out of style. Here are a few that have been around for a while, and some that have recently caught on to the general style-concious public.

1. The…

Hot or Not?

Multicolored fur? Blue, yellow, pink…this fall, (faux) fur is an essential accessory and it comes in all colors.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the designers of these four pieces. I’m pretty…

Hot or Not?

Fox Tail Keychains? From Kanye West to the Louis Vuitton runway to V
ictoria Beckham, fox tail keychains are pretty hot this year. I have one and I absolutely love it. Much to my dismay, my…

Louis Vuitton Makes Throat Tattoos, Thugs Let Out Giant Group Sigh

Louis Vuitton sees the Chanel temporary leg tattoos, raises them a full throat tattoo.  Artist Scott Campbell was tapped by his longtime friend Marc Jacobs (Campbell is Jacobs’…

boys boys boys



It feels so good to know that I’ll be gone from home for a month.. from all the LA drama queens, negative energy and attitudes. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I’d survive touring…

FUSE TV Pre Grammy Awards Party

this is called being FIERCE. Step Up 2, The Streets premiere in L.A. on Monday night.


I kinda have the best body art.. haha I got this today! done by Patrick Cornolo in Chicago all my tattoos are COPYRIGHTED and custom so if anyone copies them, I’ll personally bite them off with my fucking diamond teeth =)

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