6 Signs It’s Time To Give Up The Guy Who Doesn’t Deserve You

When someone you have major feels for is nothing short of reckless with your emotions, it’s time to take stock of why you keep allowing your heart to get beat up. While it’s way easier said than done to cut your crush loose, you gotta have faith there is someone way better who is wondering… More »

Get In Loser, We’re Going Shopping

Sometimes getting dressed up to head outside shows how you feel on the inside. If you’re like me, sometimes you feel like a fog of sadness rolling over a damp graveyard full of dead dreams…

Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories 😀

CAPTION THIS: Fag Hag Barbie!

Imagine all the fun you can have with your Cher Barbie! Dress it up in a crotchless awards show dress, re-enact your favorite scenes from Moonstruck (ex.: Slap Ken’s face and “Snap out of it!”), play your imaginary dildo flute down Greenwich Avenue and marvel as the entire neighborhood follows… from www.bestweekever.tv

from the any man can get any woman files

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