Cafeteria Skit

this is a video that Erika and I took place in a few weeks ago. a skit that our youth group did. basically this is two shots put together, and it makes us say “phone” a dozen times in one sentence. buuuttt, we hadn’t practiced with Brenna at all. they were like “okay, we’re filming!”… More »

NOT everyday life #8

happy birthday to my beautiful, talented, sweet, loving, caring, adorable (as in i adore her) sister.

today, the love of…

I’m the sun and you’re the moon.

In your shadow I can shine. Don’t let go.

I am her Fall, She is my Winter.

Like fall turns into winter, leaves turn into snow, Nothing comes between us, our bond can only grow.

i’m trying to tell you, trying to know you, i’m dying to show you, fighting to get you

tomorrow is going to be so borrrriinnggg. me and the erika doll are going to our great-grandparents 70th wedding anniversary party. (that’s a mouthful). their names are hazel gertrude and william edward. wow. so basically…

watching faces i don’t know erase the face of you. automatic, systematic, so traumatic.

it’s been a month since i posted a journal? okay, i’m going to skip the whole “i’m sorry i neglected buzznet blah blah blah” thing. i always say that and i don’t really think anyone…

Ride to the Fair

with Erika, Jordan and Harriette. we blasted music the whole way over =) POINTLESS VIDEO, I know, right?!

three cheers for the end of twenty-one years and nothing else is going wrong.

from monday or whenever that was 😛 here’s my new shirt and belt!

madam, i’m adam.

i don’t remember what was happening here. but i…

where is ronnie hoffnung!?!

i haven’t been on here in forever! i just got really bored of buzznet. sometimes you totally need a break from certain things, you know. i hope no one thought i was mad at them.…

Adventures in Ohio (Part 1)

TUESDAY:  we left at 11:30 that evening.. I think. I don’t remember. It was Erika, me, Christa, Nathanial, Heidi, our Pastor Robert and his wife, Esther. We arrived at our destination at around 6:00 pm…

Strange Vacay House

We were kind of exhausted to the point of insanity. This video is very interesting, yeah?

Goodbye Home.

Erika and I are leaving for Ohio in 6 hours. I need to get some sleep before then. Be back Friday evening.. but I probably won’t get online until Saturday.

I think I feel a change in the window, says I.

it’s been too long since I’ve posted a journal with an actual purpose. lately I’ve just been posting random stuff.

anyway, how is everyone? thursday I found out that I’m going to Ohio this tuesay. coming…

i know, we make you jealous.

Erika when she was 14 beside me. I think we look completely alike, yeah?!?!?!

what should you do when you’ve been awake for hours upon hours and are out of your mind? NEW story added!

get on MSN and write stories with Missam.


Sam: Tom and Ronnie were sitting in the car waiting for the tow truck to come in the middle of Texas.

silly trix, rabbits are for kids.

hey kiddies, i know i promised a journal last night, but i ended up going to bed really early, so i didn’t get to do anything on here. but, here it is.

friday erika, leah, chris…

10:20 to 3:10

wow. we had such a great night. and took like 4738 pictures. =) me, erika, josh (he’s not that short, just a weird angle) and gabe.

Erika and I Acting for Shadrach Skit

Well, here you have it. =D Comments?

move over hello kitty.

my new love is littlest pet shop =D me, erika and leah have been collecting them lately.. i love them. erika bought me this amazing chinese panda today… is she the greatest or what?!

dontcha wish your sister was cool like her?

=) we took a gazillion pictures.. more might be posted. i don’t know what happened to the top of my head, by the way… haha

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