Cosplay Time!

Cosplay Time!!! I read about Akiomi aka Omi Gibson. He’s a Japanese artist and photographer. And I adore his art. Right now just I wanna show you my faves 🙂

Kawaii Bunny

I think that during Easter the best are the moments which you can to spend with family and kawaii bunny!! So, special for you I found a few sweet photos :)Gallery is inspired by El Rich: Would You Rather: The Creepy Bunny Edition

Guro Lolita

Guro Lolita – the goriest of all the Lolitas You’ve just encountered a cute Lolita but for some reason she’s covered in blood and/or wearing an eyepatch? Don’t panic, she’s most likely not really hurt but you’ve just come in contact with the rarest of all the Lolitas – the Guro Lolita. Guro stands for… More »

DIY – Lolita Crown

Hi BubbleGoth Babies! I made this cute Lolita crown last night and took pictures throughout the whole process to show you how to make one for yourself! I got inspiration from this awesome designer Apatico; she’s on DeviantArt, check her out. Inspiration: WHAT YOU NEED: – Cardboard, foam, felt, plastic that you can cut–anything you… More »

Sweet Lolita in Vogue Taiwan!

Currently lusting over the Vogue Taiwan story, Sweet Lolita! The brilliant beauty photographer Akos Simon delivers another smash hit for Vogue Taiwan! LOVE the makeup, the hair, the styling…Gorgeous!


Japanese Street Style

Two weeks ago I went to a presentation about Japanese street styles and the differences between the way Americans and Japanese people dress. It was really interesting, so I thought I would share a few…

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