ROFL Waffles: The Best Animals With Waffles

Happy National Waffle Day, my little sweet peas! Maybe sweet peas and waffles aren’t the best of things to have next to each other, on a plate or in a sentence. You know what things are great to pair with waffles? Animals! Here are a few preshuz bb’s that we gathered from the web to… More »

I Can Haz TV Show? LOL Cat Creators Reality Show Coming To Bravo!

Reason six million five hundred and seventy seven to love Andy Cohen has arrived. If you’re like me and consider Bravo your second home and LOL Cats your greatest joy…then I advise that you sit down. The network who feeds us our nightly doses of housewives is now bringing us a new show tentatively titled… More »

Audrey Kitching in Nylon Magazine

I have a tiny baby blurb in the October Issue of Nylon Magazine!

The article reads…

With Rumi Neely from Fashion…

What the hale is up with all the negativity lately?

Take one of these and call me in the morning:

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