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PHOTO SHOOT: “Let Them Eat Cake”

i was recently feeling very inspired by Marie Antoinette (as usual), so I channeled her for a photo shoot for! Check out the article about me, up now on the front page of (actual post is here). Let the pastels, ruffles, and flowers ensue. What do you think?! Photography: Mario PenaWardrobe courtesy of:… More »

Hot Topic + Lola’s Halloween Editorial!

Last week I teamed up with Hot Topic for this Halloween-appropriate editorial: me as some of my favorite horror movie villains! Rather less scary, more stylized versions of them, of course. I opted…

Win Lime Crime’s Alchemy Makeup Giveaway!

As you may know, I am the face and voice of Lime Crime’s “Alchemy” Makeup Collection. In celebration of its release, we are giving away the collection to one lucky gal (or…

NEW Song & Video For Lime Crime’s Alchemy!

You guys. Lime Crime‘s new makeup line Alchemy, featuring moi as the face of the campaign, is almost here – check out our spooky, witchy video commercial that just went up! There’s smoke…

Lola’s 5 Scariest Horror Movie Scenes!

Yes. I’m a little obsessed with horror movies. The fact that so many of them are bad is exactly the point: finding a truly scary movie is like finding the holy grail. There are more…

Lola Blanc’s Pitch Perfect Cover of No Diggity

In honor of the release of the movie Pitch Perfect, which I absolutely adored, Jon Levine and I went over to Buzznet to do a little live performance of ‘No Diggity’, the 1996 R&B…

Behind The Scenes: Lime Crime Shoot!

I was so honored when Doe and Cassie from Lime Crime asked me to model for them last year, and we finally got to make it a reality this past week! The photo shoot was for a new line called Alchemy, two new lipstick colors and a palette that are veeery fun and perfect for… More »

VIDEO: Lola Blanc Sings “Pony” By Ginuwine!

Hey you guys!!! SO…. I stole this post off of my friend Miss Lola Blanc’s Buzznet page. I’m just completely  obsessed with Lola’s rendition of ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine. You guys have to check it out!!!…

Lola Blanc’s Buzzmaker Chalk Board Photo Shoot!

Hey guys! I went to the Buzznet headquarters the other day for a fun back-to-school photo shoot with Cameron Rad! My friend and fellow Buzzmaker Jessi Jae Joplin stepped in for a few shots as well – check it out!

BUZZNET Obsession: Lola Blanc Shares Favorite Hot Topic Products (VIDEO)

Hey guys! I went over to the Buzznet video studios this week to show y’all a few things that I’m obsessed with right now, with a little help from our friends at Hot Topic!

Elizabeth Olsen in Bullett Magazine

Bullett Magazine just released this editorial with Elizabeth Olsen, shot by photographer Jeff Bark, for her interview and cover story. It’s a side of her I’ve never seen before – pink and pastel, feminine and delicate and looking like a princess. I’m a huge fan of her in general and she looks so very lovely…. More »

The 11 Best Creepy Little Horror Movie Girls

Hey guys!

Welp, being the horror movie fangirl that I am, I’m getting super duper excited for the new movie The Possession, which comes out this Friday the 31st. It’s about -…

Lola Blanc Loves The Vera Wang Princess Collection!

Bonjour from Paris, guys!

So… I was lucky enough to pick out some clothes this past month from Kohl’s Princess Vera Wang Collection! I love this line because I can wear the pieces as a…

London Calling: British Inspiration!

Hey Buzznet, guess who’s going to London next week?? (I mean besides the ENTIRE WORLD.) Yes very good, yours truly! When we booked the trip the other week I’d completely forgotten about the whole Olympics thing, but as it turns out I will be in London, in the studio and out, at the very same… More »

Today’s Look: Green Leaves

Feeling rather sassy today, which naturally means I’m wearing stripes and a military hat. I’m sure I could’ve thought of a better name for this look, but that would be more mental…

Today’s Look: Green Leaves

Feeling rather sassy today, which naturally means I’m wearing stripes and a military hat. I’m sure I could’ve thought of a better name for this look, but that would be more mental…

Photo Diary: Fashion & Shopping in Toronto

Hey guys! I got home from Toronto last night, where I spent my 4th of July week! (Whoops, sorry America). Despite the somewhat oppressive heat, I loved the city, what with its many castle-esque brick buildings and plenty of quaint neighborhoods, and naturally while I was there I thought I’d explore what it had to… More »

My June Inspirations!

Why have I not done an inspiration gallery in so long? There are so many lovely things in the world that are crying out to be gallery-fied. My love affair with color remains fervent and fiery. In this gallery: Ice cream, leopard prints, Bjork, a pink lake, ruby slippers, surrealism, and cake in many of… More »

Designer Obsession: Ana Ljubinkovic

Hi little bees! (Notice I said little bees. Get it? ‘Cause bees buzz. And we’re on Buzznet. Get it? I’ll stop.) Recently a friend opened my eyes to Serbian designer Ana Ljubinkovic, and I’m pretty much head over heels, butterflies and all. The line is a girly girl’s dream, what with the pastels, the pearls,… More »

VIDEO: Lola Blanc Sings “Pony” By Ginuwine!

Hey guys!!

SO I’ve been wanting to do a performance video for a while, and, with a little help from my friends, as of the other week I was finally able to do…