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Jen Awad F/W 2012 Runway Show feat. Jessi Jae Joplin and Lola Blanc ♥

This past weekend I attended the amazing Jen Awad F/W 2012 runway show for Concept LA Fashion Week at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. I love Jen and I love her clothes, so I was super excited to have a front row spot at this particular show. The collection was titled “Hot Mess” and was… More »

PHOTO DIARY: Grammy Week, Buzzmakers, & Cookies

What with Grammy week, jury duty, writing sessions, meetings, and a slew of events to attend, this month has been relatively overwhelming. But the worst of the craziness is over (our jury’s verdict was guilty on three counts of murder), and now my many colorful hair choices of the past few weeks are all on… More »

Last Night’s Look: Nun of That

Ever since receiving this amazing Dimepiece Designs cross collar for Christmas, I’ve been wanting to dress in a nun-inspired outfit, and though this outfit doesn’t quite scream monastery, I certainly found myself wanting to watch more…

Studio Photo!

Hey guys! I’m in the studio with Jimmy Harry right now, who won a Golden Globe last night for the song he did with Madonna (UM what), and I’m being annoying and taking photos of myself because I haven’t posted anything in a few days. Woo songs. Wish us luck!

Last Night’s Look: Vive Le Birthday Suit

Okay so this look isn’t actually my birthday suit, and it wasn’t actually last night. I was fully clothed and it was two nights ago – my birthday! I’m an old woman now! My friend…

Video: Jessi Jae Joplin and The Ruckus @ Locketship 4 Year Anniversary

My band and I recently performed at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood for Locketship’s 4 Year Anniversary Party! Check out this short, but sweet behind the scenes…

New Photo: Hippo Hooray!

Check out this fun photo of me taming a (very harmless) hippo! By Tolga Katas.

Lola Blanc Covers “Where Them Girls At”

Hey guys! I just posted a new song! Last week I premiered my new song “You Like Me,” and this week I’m releasing a cover (wrapped inside of a cover). I’m in Vegas right…

New Photo: Blue Collar

By Matt Grayson.

Lola Blanc Premieres New Song “You Like Me”

I finally have a new song up, guys!!! Listen on SoundCloud or YouTube below, or go to my website,! Let me know what you think 🙂

 <img src=""…

Catch Me in the New Cosmopolitan Commercial!

Spot me getting frisky for a split second in the new commercial for the Cosmopolitan Hotel. I wish they had included the part where I slapped him!

PHOTOS: Sneaky Nietzsche

I’ve been sick in bed all day and my throat hurts like hell, but at least I have an excuse to eat ramen and pretend it’s Christmas and vaguely watch TV for hours on end…

Photo Diary: Shopping with Mandi Perkins from of Verona!

My fellow singer & songwriter friend, the very talented Mandi Perkins from of Verona–an amazing band you should check out immediately; listen to “Castles” here–needed some new clothes before she left to play some shows in New York, so I took her to a few of my favorite spots on Hollywood Boulevard! So much fun!… More »

Where’s Lola Blanc? Spot Me in These Music Videos!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a pop singer and I’m making my own music, but in the meantime, surviving in LA requires a bit of a hustle, so I’ve done the natural…

Last Night’s Look: Seeing Red

Though my fervor for all things pretty and pastel is stronger than ever, the changing season and my recent taste for monochrome led me to choose red, red, and more red for my outfit to…

Last Night’s Look: Octubre

Fall is here and I couldn’t be happier! Sweaters and hot chocolate and pumpkins and scary movies!

So, you know when you find that one outfit that is so exactly what you want to wear for…

Trashy Girl

Shot for the other night, here is the evidence!

Pizza Pizza

Inspired by my recent witch post, here’s a pic of me eating pizza whilst looking witchy (two of my favorite activities). Photo by Tolga Katas.

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