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Selena Gomez Goes Bollywood For MTV Movie Awards Performance

There’s no doubt that Selena Gomez came and brought the heat this year at the MTV Movie Awards with her bollywood-inspired Come & Get It performance. She reminded me of a real-life version…

ATL’s Alex Gaskarth Duets With Simple Plan

Not content with simply being featured on We Are The In Crowd‘s new single “Kiss Me Again“, Alex Gaskarth has joined his new touring buddies Simple Plan

Madonna to Headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show

You know the saying “Go big or go home?”  That’s the sort of logic that teams tend to use while playing in the Super Bowl, the NFL championship game.

And now, it appears that’s the logic…

Motopony Perform ‘Seer’ Live At KCRW Summer Nights Series

Folk band Motopony have been gaining a lot of momentum since the release of their self-titiled LP this past May. They’ve been praised by MTV and Teen Vogue, and now fans…

Ke$ha Declares ‘School’s Out For Summer’…with a Little Help from Alice Cooper

Ke$ha‘s kind of an odd duck, and of course she’s known for her sort of “trash glam” look. So I guess you mix all of that up and it makes sense for her to cover “School’s Out For Summer” by legendary glam rocker Alice Cooper. Oh, with a little help from Cooper himself. WARNING: the… More »

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