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Lady Gaga Changes 100 Times In ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Themed Performance

Being a person that truly never gets tired of Wizard Of Oz themed anything, Lady Gaga‘s Good Morning America performance had me real excited. Anything + ruby red slippers= a win.

57 Lady Gaga Fan Tattoos

Lady Gaga has million of Little Monsters all over the world who love and adore her. It’s common to see fans at a Lady Gaga show dressed up in her signature looks, holding signs with her lyrics and sporting wigs from her iconic music video. Some Little Monsters even take it as far as having… More »

Music Notes 2/6

Oh Monday, you’re so… Mondayish. Perhaps these slices of music news can perk us all up a bit?

New Foxy Shazam video for “I Like It

New Anarbor track “Whiskey…

Dr. Luke under fire from Gaga fans

Dr. Luke is being attacked hardcore by Little Monsters for Re-Tweeting a link claiming Lady Gaga ripped her newest single, “Judas”, from Loli Lux.

Damn, Did…

Lady Gaga Debuts New Song ‘Livin’ on the Radio’

With her next album completed, new Lady Gaga music is on the horizon.  But for those of us who are entirely too impatient to hear new material from the hitmaker herself, well, Lady Gaga…

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