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MTV VMA ’08 Reactions: Community Roundup!

Disclaimer: I didn’t watch, being without cable and all — I just read liveblogs and followed my tweets. I flailed with happiness for Britney, though. You go girl, get your comeback on! Anyway,

Round Up: MTV VMA’s 2008

The 2008 MTV VMA’s, hosted by Russell Brand, were explosive, historic and at times a little uncomfortable.  Here’s a quick breakdown for you!


Best Female Video: Britney Spears – “Piece of Me”


Tyga on the Red Carpet at the ‘Hills’ Season Finale

We caught up with Tyga on the red carpet at the “Hills” season finale on Monday night, and had lots to say about his plans for No Introduction‘s second single, why his album is like potato chips and what recent advice his cuz Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes gave him. Read more here.

Tyga ft. Travis McCoy “Coconut Juice”

Great song, awesome video. Features appearances by Lil’ Wayne and Pete Wentz. Anyone who can get me a .gif of Pete raising the roof will earn my undying gratitude.

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