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Everything Hayley Williams Has Taught Us About Life

It’s an undeniable fact that we’re a huge fan of Hayley Williams. The pop-punk-rock lead singer of Paramore has been a long standing inspiration for fans around the world and has forever maintained a public persona that oozes warmth, ambition, compassion, and talent. She’s packed a lot into her 27 years on planet earth and has… More »

13 New Girl GIFs That Explain Our Lives Perfectly

For six glorious seasons, New Girl has been bringing us the giggles, and real talk, and friendship, and pop culture sayings. In a lot of ways, it’s totally the Friends for millennials, amirite? To further prove our point, here are 13 glorious New Girl GIFs that explain our modern lives just perfectly: 1. When you’re… More »

23 Amazing Life Lessons Demi Lovato Has Taught Us


Happy Birthday to Demi Lovato who turns 23 today! For such a young soul, she’s packed a ton into her life. From movies, to music , to rehab and back, the…

10 Life Lessons All Time Low Has Taught Us

We don’t even need to tell you why All Time Low is a Buzznet favorite, or why the band’s Hustler’s are the best, or how amazing their shows are. Fact is, ATL rules and it’s super hard to find fault in a band that is a zillion percent invested in their art and doing everything… More »

10 Life Lessons Shirley Manson Has Taught Me

There’s no doubt that Garbage frontwoman, Shirley Manson, is a queen in her own right. The singer has been one of my biggest inspirations ever since I was about 14 years-old. At an age that is riddled with self-doubt and low self-esteem, Shirley, through her music, taught me how to be strong; to stand up… More »

QOTD – What Song Taught You A Life Lesson?

We all have those songs, those songs that we cling to, as we lay in awe on the bedroom floor and say, “this song sings my life!” Well, what songs have taught you something? Which…

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