leo dicaprio

A Great Gatsby Themed Hotel Suite!

Ok here is a fun fact you ALL KNOW already: I love anything Leo Dicaprio…he is well…perfect. 

So moving on. I came across this amazzzzing post which you can see HERE! Which then led…

Young Leonardo Dicaprio

I’m a huge Leonardo Dicaprio fan, he was so damn cute in the 90s! Romeo & Juliette is still one of my all time favorite movies… bask in the glory of some ultra cute young Leo!

Friday Buzz 3/23

It’s Knut Day in Berlin! Viva polar bearrrr! (Reuters)Titanic II?!? Just kidding. But Leo & Kate will be together again. (tvguide)One Tree Hill’s return date is postponed. (SOW)Angelina’s sleeping beauties. (Allie is Wired)Does Scarlett look…

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